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Chongqing XYH-Waterscape Lighting Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprises in Chongqing Institute of Electric light bulb industrial company, in 1985 we developed the world's first high-intensity discharge color underwater lights, and get the color of the discharge underwater lights The first intellectual property rights. 1992 by bulusai youlika International Invention Fair Gold Medal, users throughout the country to give support and help in continuous exploration, development and improvement of the process, we have to give Beijing Forestry Machinery Factory, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences Automation Institute, Beijing flowers company, China construction metal structure Association · fountain Commission support and cooperation. Especially the help and support of the Beijing People's Government Tiananmen Square District Management Committee. From the beginning of the 11th Asian Games in 1990, Tiananmen Square, the center of the fountain is the previous National Day use our underwater lights, large-scale musical fountain Jinshuihe after transformation, from 1989 to the present times use our underwater light. Decades of experience, we are deeply impressed by the progress of science and technology, national development and prosperity of the nation, is the basis of survival and development. We sincerely thank the Tiananmen Square management committee of the previous leadership and comrades of our trust, support, care and encouragement. We will continue to work hard, unremitting exploration, maintain and innovate, to produce a world-class underwater light for the country credit for the Tiananmen luster.