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Best Quality Fountain Nozzles Made in China

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We offering Stainless steel and brass fountain nozzle,if you need please contact me at any time

Serac nozzle

Serac  nozzle when the appearance of the effect of large and plump, sturdy tall and straight, the nozzle installed in the diversion of the top and the level of water, when the water can bring out the water, the formation of coarse spectacular water column, strong wind resistance. This nozzle is widely used in square and public places in the fountain.


Universal DC nozzle

DC nozzle in a variety of occasions, widely used in the fountain, and is a must for the fountain of the nozzle, this nozzle is equipped with ball joints, can be adjusted along the vertical direction of 15 degrees, universal DC nozzle can be combined Different types of jetting effect, the height of the jet and the angle of change, according to the size of the basin set.


Straight stream nozzle assembly

Straight stream nozzle assembly on the nozzle directly on the nozzle is installed in the same distribution tank with a number of universal DC nozzle, when the nozzle specifications are the same, the spray of water staring straight; when these nozzle specifications are not exactly the same, the size of the nozzle layout, Out of the water posture strong and powerful, structured, prominent theme, is the main fountain essential nozzle. The nozzle is also called the central water column.

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