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HaiKou Moon and the Sun plaza Fountain Show

XYH-Waterscape Lighting DMX512 Control lights
    Located in Haikou City, the center of the city center of the city center of the sun and the moon square music fountain lights "first show". It is understood that the sun and the moon square music fountain overall length of 50 meters, 40 meters wide, set 18 kinds of water, using frequency conversion technology, CNC technology and DMX control technology, performance and content is very rich, the maximum spray 68 meters. Water dance two instrument, hardness and softness. Fountain designed at home and abroad the first large-scale Tai Chi two instrument control fountain array, you can sing the magnificent direct injection matrix, but also show the beauty of the water film matrix, swing is more than a gesture, layering is extremely rich, very strong The visual impact.
    Plaza music fountain with a dry pool of the way, the use of the latest multimedia technology, the sound, light, electricity, water and laser effects combined to create a dream like water scenes. Not occupied the square leisure space, but also for water dance performances. The opening of the sun and the moon square soon, this both the city living room and life stage function of the square, will become coconut city people leisure gathering and entertainment exchange place.