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Shanghai Happy Valley water curtains Tianji music fountain super clear video full version! HD

"Water curtains" use sound, light, electricity, fire, water, shadow, music and other elements to show a "heaven and earth to open, the sword of eternal" Chinese mythology.
Shanghai Happy Valley large cross-media real show "curtain water" July 10 global performance, for the magic are added science and technology entertainment new landmark. "Watermark" in the scientific and technological content, artistic innovation, cultural connotation and other aspects of the real show show a lot of new horizons, but also for the majority of the magic of the public and the East China tourists to subvert the whole sensory visual feast.
Multi - dimensional fusion of sound and light

The "night curtain" is located at the center of the Great Valley of Shanghai Happy Valley, near the large wooden roller coaster "Valley Tour Long", adjacent to Happy Hour, Sunshine Harbor and Hurricane Bay theme area, the central viewing area can accommodate 1500 Name audience, along the lake area can be 360 ​​degree panoramic view.

Night, "the curtain water" the use of water curtains, fountains, music, full color laser, 3D images, fireworks and other international latest multimedia art and technology, traditional and fashion blend, ancient and technology collision, cool special effects and sensory experience , For visitors to show water and fire blend, electro-optical shadow, time and space through the whole senses immersed shock experience.

Above the shadow of time

In the heart of Shanghai Happy Valley Center, stands a very modern and contemporary cultural symbol of the main building - time sword. This is specifically for the "sky curtain" tailor-made core performance media, play a role in water. In order to create a unique global reality, the new giant phantom effects - whirlpool screen and students, to create a 2000 square meters super giant water curtain, used to show unprecedented images, lights and laser effects. At the same time with the changing water features, foggy foothills of the lake, to create a fairy, time and space painting Hyun-chi experience, so that visitors travel journey, as if the experience of time and space through freedom and unimpeded.

Eight highlights:

1, to "heaven and earth to open, eternal sword" story, to show the water above the time through the Chinese myth;

2, water curtain, fountain, fireworks, full color laser, 3D images and other multimedia technology, sound and light fire multidimensional fusion;

3,3 million tons of water to build thousands of water cannons, mobile fountain bloom gorgeous water dance, water and shadow on the time and space conversion;

4, 100 meters long, 8 meters high fireworks ballet, fire and water blend, showing the atmosphere of the majestic sensory shock;

5, nearly 2000 square meters of giant water curtain, original water curtain animation, super IMAX immersion visual feast;

6,1000 led fountain lights source, 10000 beam full-color laser covered with 30,000 square meters of the Great Lakes,

7, original theme music, multi - dimensional matrix sound, sounds of nature, Lingyun symphony, 360 - degree audio and video enjoyment;

High 32 meters, 15 ° tilt of the multimedia tower - "Time of the sword", star anise glass structure, built the first domestic ramp lift elevator, performance in the water curtain, laser spray from the tower out of the virtual reality audition feast.