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water dancing foutain in park

new building fountain project. xiuhu park .

Project name: XiuHu water show fountain
Lights detail:1800set 4wires control lights
About project:

Xiuhu park lights fountain built and put into use, attracting many people to watch. In the vagaries of the lights, the fountain is particularly beautiful. It is understood that the fountain, also known as the "tower fountain", the main tower height of 30 meters. The fountain performances of sound, lights, water, electricity, laser and so on . Fountain by a 30-meter high tower fountain and eight independent fountain array, the maximum water column up to 120 meters. At the same time, there are 12 songs with the fountain effect, in addition to Chinese and foreign music, there are "and the United States Bishan" and other local songs. With music and lighting, the fountain can display the "Eight Star Water Array", "Solar Storm", "misty mist" and more than 200 kinds of special effects.