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A Study on Low - carbon Economy of Water Landscape

In the past, people pay attention to the water and shadow of the mix and design, in the context of low-carbon economy, through the use of natural light color and environmental protection technology, can create a magnificent water features.

1, commercial space water landscape features

Commercial space can be divided according to the characteristics of light and shadow design, through the light and shadow will be perfect, to a unified space as a whole. According to the needs of the watch, the water surface must be high, in order to park objects completely projected in the water. At the same time require a large area of ​​exposure to the surface, designed as a simple atmosphere of the shore so that the reflection of the object imaging clear.

Time and space expression, passing emotions: with the four seasons of change, the water landscape also showed a different scene, the spring of a vibrant, light and shadow; summer bright sunshine and lush reflection, so that the water melody of the melody; Trunks show a trace of Zen; winter snow and ice show a pure world.

2, the role of water landscape in the commercial space

Because of the strong plasticity of water, coupled with the infinite creativity of light, in the designer's design will produce a poetic, people imagination. In the trend of the rise of low-carbon economy, people for the commercial space more pursuit of ecological space environment, creating a different style. The viewing in the commercial space can also be combined with the surrounding architectural sketches and the allocation of aquatic plants, so that people exposure to the magnificent light and shadow of the world.

3, low-carbon economy under the background of commercial space water landscape lighting principles

Low-carbon economy under the background of commercial space water landscape design of the general principle is the ecological, natural blueprint of the water landscape design. Specific performance in the following aspects.

Form appropriate: the nature of the water effects of light and shadow, cover, possession, dew and so on. On the other hand, the artificial material-based water landscape of the fountain lights and shadow, the design of the bank as a bright spot, to reflect a kind of artificial wisdom of the United States.

Implication: commercial space water design to be natural and interesting, able to infect customers, tangible, and then take its meaning.

Ecology: This principle is the most closely related to the low-carbon economy, respect for the natural development process, advocate the recycling of substances, in the construction of water landscape lighting construction process, the maximum reduction in energy consumption and construction of waste , The use of energy-saving equipment, and the surrounding environment to form a good ecological cycle.