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fountain nozzle introduction

As people's attention to the water fountain increased, the fountain shape into the engineering design breakthrough. Different fountain nozzles can spray a different fountain water column shape, in the fountain nozzle selection process, to strengthen the understanding of the overall design requirements to ensure the choice of suitable fountain nozzle to meet the needs of different water features modeling. The following describes the common 14 fountain nozzle for the construction of reference selection.

       1, the tree ice nozzle
       Large tree ice head appearance thick and straight, nozzle installed in the top of the diversion and the water level, when the water can be brought out of the water to form a thick spectacular water column, strong wind resistance. The tree ice sprayer is widely used in square and public places fountain.

       2, Universal DC nozzle
       Universal nozzle in the fountain in the music indispensable, at the same time in a variety of occasions fountain in the widely used, this nozzle is equipped with ball joints can be adjusted along the vertical 15 degrees, universal DC nozzle can be combined with a variety of different shapes Of the jet effect, the level of the jet and the angle of change, according to the pool shape and size.

       3, peacock open screen (hemisphere dandelion) nozzle
       Hemisphere dandelion nozzle, also known as peacock open-screen nozzle, but its structure and structure of the form and open-screen (scattering) nozzle is not the same, and dandelion nozzle is basically the same, the difference is that it is hemispherical, Half ring dandelion, and like a peacock open screen. The water quality requirements and dandelion nozzle the same, can be applied to a variety of fountains.

       4, the center straight on the nozzle
       In the same distribution tank to install a number of universal DC nozzle is the center straight on the nozzle, when the nozzle specifications are the same, the water pose majestic straight; when the nozzle size is not exactly the same, the size of the nozzle properly arranged, Water posture strong and strong, structured, prominent theme, is a major fountain essential nozzle. The nozzle is also called the central water column.

       5, mist sprayer
       Mist spray nozzle water droplets are very small, become mist, in the sunlight can form a seven-color rainbow. Due to nozzle structure differences, the water spray has a different attitude, when the water spray noise, water less, generally installed around the statue.

       6, style nozzle
       Style nozzle is a porous scattering nozzle, also known as layer of flower heads, flower baskets and so on. Water, the appearance of a bouquet of flowers, handsome in appearance, easy installation, suitable for various occasions in the fountain.

       7, rotating nozzle
       Rotating nozzle is the use of centrifugal water flow and the reaction force to promote, so that the nozzle edge of the water side of the rotation. Due to nozzle number of branches. Bending direction and nozzle installation of the tilt angle is different in the formation of beautiful water spray when the different shapes. Such as rotating nozzle, rotating flower basket nozzle.