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How to install and maintain fountain Fixtures

Fountain Fixture, routine maintenance and reasonable construction is equally important, the need for fountain Fixture maintenance personnel for professional training, electrical Fixture maintenance personnel need to hold a professional induction certificate; every six months of the fountain operators to assess and strengthen the use of management. Good construction can ensure that the system is running well, and reasonable maintenance to ensure the safety of the project to ensure the use of reduced failure to avoid leakage and other dangerous accidents.

      Fountain Fixture installation, fountain cable connection must be carried out under anhydrous conditions, and waterproof tape, insulation tape, high-pressure insulation tape for three protection. Fountain Underwater lights must be replaced under anhydrous conditions and the bolts are securely fastened.

      Fountain Fixture inspection Underwater lights inspection: fountain underwater lights to check every month, tighten a loose screw, to avoid the light body caused by short-circuit fault.

      Cable inspection: cloth in the water within six months to check the cable once, check the aging situation, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Sprinkler inspection: In order to ensure the fountain water type of beauty and consistency, to change the angle of the nozzle at any time to reset, reset the use of sharp objects to prohibit the use of knock to prevent damage to the nozzle.

Fountain electrical testing: fountain electrical Fixture to regular maintenance, six months to the electrical appliances in the cabinet to detect the necessary level of maintenance Fixture maintenance; electrical Fixture maintenance and repair should be cut off the power conditions, such as special circumstances need to live work , Should do a good job of security measures, important parts to set up personal care.

Fountain Fixture cleaning fountain pump cleaning: fountain pump suction port to the monthly cleaning, to prevent dirt plug the suction, reduce the efficiency and even cause damage to Fixture. The submersible pump must cool the cooling water during winter deactivation to avoid freezing the pump, and the oil-cooled pump needs to close the valve.

      Fountain Piping Cleaning: Once a year. Winter fountain Fixture should be parked before the water in the pipeline to prevent the pipeline frozen.
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      Fountain nozzle and fountain lights cleaning: six months cleaning time, cleaning attention nozzle nozzle and led underwater lights to prevent damage.

Fountain Fixture replacement, fountain backup Fixture to start the regular operation (the use of a high frequency of a day, the use of a low frequency of a change), to prevent Fixture performance degradation. When the solenoid valve diaphragm is replaced, all the objects falling off the pipe are cleaned and dry. When tightening the screws, press the diagonal order. Computers and programs are updated every year.