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How to Installation Fountain Pump

The role of the pump in the fountain system plays a decisive role, fountain pump selection work is completed, followed by the installation of fountain pump. There are two types of installation of the pump, horizontal installation and vertical installation, the following is a detailed description of the two installation methods.
There are two ways to connect the submersible pump to the pipe network: horizontal installation and vertical installation, see Figure 2-49.
1) Horizontal installation
The pump shaft write stem centerline must be strictly parallel and on the same horizontal plane. Horizontal installation can reduce the depth of the pool, but need to occupy enough plane area.
Pump shell flange from the bottom of the pool shall not be less than 100mm, the pump with a fixed pier.
2) Vertical installation
Pump shaft and trunk centerline to be vertical, in order to reduce the overall depth of the pool, the pump can be local deepened. For the pump repair, replacement, installation of the pump between the two flanges need to maintain a sufficient distance. The installation of the submersible pump and the spacing between the two flanges are shown in Figure 2-49.
Fountain pump installation must be choosen correctly, this will reduce the cost of civil and administrative expenses, and the operation and maintenance of the pump will be very convenient, the appropriate installation of the fountain system as a whole look beautiful.