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Human water fountain how to design lighting

Human water features include waterfront trails, water features and water pond water fountain pond three categories. Waterscape lighting fixture is generally used in the first two categories, especially in the water features more extensive use of the fountain. This paper introduces the three kinds of human landscape lighting design.
Waterfront trail
Waterfront walkway in the garden villa shows the gorgeous trails of the riverside trails, and entices visitors to stroll into the night view lighting environment. In the bends of the tree-lined river trail on both sides of the layout of the seats, pavilions, rockeries, sculptures, water ponds, lighting sketches and other landscaping, an important place for people to relax. Huan River trails landscape lamp design spacing of 30m, lights on both sides of the lush trees, the light from the gap in the trees through, to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere of life.
Garden villa waterfront trail in addition to the passage, the more the role is to expand the feeling of space, the purpose of the track is to delay the pace of action, people in the process of walking have more time and the opportunity to convert more Point of view, looking for water features, clear water and blue sky, boating on the river. In the lighting design to reflect the people in each section of the walk has a new feeling. Light down the deal, both bright spots, there are faint, so bright and dark, shades appropriate.
In the landscape lamp selection, the choice of solar lighting technology, the main use of solar panels into electricity after the battery stored in the battery, and then use the light control switch, the day light irradiation to a certain darkness, the light control will automatically turn on lighting , The light source used for the ultra-high-brightness high-power white LED.As the solar landscape lights in use without the need to set up cables, to solve the ring road air "spider web" or excavation of the shortcomings of the river trail.
2. Water features fountain
The use of outdoor lighting water features fountain art, giving water to life, so that every drop of water with the note beating, sometimes sprayed white sturdy water column, very shocking, unique shape; sometimes formed crystal transparent flat water film, LED Lantern exposure, colorful, beautiful. Jump spring is a stunt water features fountain, a section of water column as bright as the glass column, flying in the air, not "splash" lingers, fun.
These water features fountain art landscape integrated use of sound, light, electricity technology, creating a blend of water and light, the actual situation, the static and dynamic inherited the beautiful mood, the construction of three-dimensional flow of light space, rich garden villas night performance, This view even at home can experience the beauty of water features.
3. Water Creek Pond
People have the performance of hydrophilic, bisexual thinking of lighting design can not ignore the people's hydrophilic feelings. Although wading, swimming and viewing water are inseparable from the lights, lights and emotions will be integrated into the water features of space, providing Habitat leisure and entertainment to watch the emotional coexistence. Waterscape can make people feel like living in the natural environment, beautiful soothing streams, waterways, waterfalls sound for the garden villa to create a special living environment, people seem to enter the Taoyuan Wonderland.
Creek creek is an extension of the water features, increasing the level of the garden. In the lighting of the water pond design set up a fog spray function, so that water features like clouds filled the clouds, fog, produce a special realm, under the LED lantern lighting, gorgeous eye-catching, such as the disc extension.
Night lights in the water under the shine, like the stars in the night sky flashing, to the garden villa unlimited reverie space. Spotlights can illuminate the fountain or highlight aquatic plants, while the floating lights and light stone is used to dot the pond grass, shimmer out of the garden pond, like in the dream.
Human water features lighting design is an important part of water features, lighting can not only render the atmosphere, but also can increase the beauty of water features, is a very good way to enhance the design level of water features.