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Introduction to Art Music Water Features Fountain

We are not familiar with fountains and art fountain performances, but the fountain design and design elements may not know the content is not much. An excellent fountain project must have excellent artistic effect design.

In recent years, the application of water features technology has developed rapidly, many technologies have been widely used in practice, the water landscape has gradually formed a relatively independent engineering branch, but in the engineering design practice system guidance Mechanism is not perfect. Art fountain landscape can be divided into two categories: First, the use of terrain or civil structure, modeled on natural water landscape. Such as streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, water, etc., these in the traditional garden of our have more applications. Second, completely rely on fountain equipment landscape. A variety of garden fountains such as musical fountains, program control fountains, dry fountains, fountains and so on. This water scene is widely used in construction in recent years, but its development is very fast.

A variety of water features fountain works, generally by the following aspects: soil pool body, pipeline valve system, power pump system, lighting and lighting systems. Large water bodies or high water quality requirements of the place, there must be a water treatment system.

A good fountain landscape design, must be in the excellent artistic effect on the basis of the design, the professional system of the perfect combination of the product, the design points are as follows: 1. Design and nozzle selection of the overall design of the water should be analyzed Environmental atmosphere of the basic requirements, and then analyze the various forms of water features, different combinations of different programs, drawing effect map, from the excellent selection.

Water features Art fountain form There are still water, etc. Several of these forms can also be derived from the colorful forms of change, especially due to the development of nozzle technology, water attitude is changing thousands. With these materials, and then through the professional art design, you can outline the beautiful water features fountain landscape. In addition, different landscape forms are suitable for different application scenarios. Such as music art fountain generally applicable to the square and other places. It is a combination of music, water,led underwater lights, to give people a visual and auditory sense of beauty; the fountain and the square is also integrated into the formation of a part of the building. The residential area between the buildings are more suitable for the design of the stream around to reflect the quiet leisurely atmosphere, giving a gentle, relaxed visual enjoyment, so as to create a pleasant life rest space.