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Introduction to Dutch Theme Park Aquanura Music Fountain

Aquanura in the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands is known as the world's most spectacular musical fountain. Aquanura is the name of the fountain system in the Netherlands from Efteling theme park. May 31, 2012 Park 60th Anniversary officially opened to the public.
       Founded in 1952, the Efteling theme park is located in the small town of Kaatsheuvel, the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the world's oldest theme parks. Aquanura, one of the key projects in the Efteling theme park, has a total of 200 fountains, subdivided into nine types, each with its own coverage and impact. Eighty-eight lamps were placed in the pond, and 29 lights and sound fixture were placed on the pond to form a large "symphony orchestra."
       Aquanura is Europe's largest, the world's third largest musical fountain. (The music fountain at the Dubai Mall in Dubai is the largest in the world and the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas is second.) The background music is a mixture of classical music and is played by The Brabant Symphony Orchestra 
       When the fairy-tale background music sounded, the four lovely frogs from the four corners of each other which emit water column. Music gradually high-pitched, located in the fountain in the lake with the  gradually showing a charming posture, turned into a moving picture of the scene. Various colors of light with the symphony of playing, in the lake took the fountain of the 'hand', brisk, wonderful dance, people not help imagination.