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low voltage fountain light transformer

Transformer Type:

Ordinary transformer: ordinary coil transformer, or switching power supply (can not be used for colorful automatic variable light)
Rainproof Transformer: Add rain cover.
Waterproof Transformer: Filling the full waterproof transformer, can be soaked in water use.
Fourth, LED underwater lights installation precautions
1, according to the total power LED underwater light configuration of the appropriate size of the transformer
In general, the use of 75% of the transformer is more appropriate, that is: 100W transformer driven not more than 75W of light. Pay attention to the incoming and outgoing lines of the transformer.
2, the distance from the transformer lights
As the wire itself has resistance, will share part of the voltage, resulting in remote underwater lamp voltage of less than 12V. So the underwater lights from the transformer outlet line distance should not be too far. If the distance is too far, you can increase the number of transformers.
3, good waterproof
Do a good job with power transformers, transformers and underwater lights at the junction of waterproof - Use waterproof junction box, sealant.
4,the safest way is to high-voltage (220V) part of the water on the outside, the low-pressure part can be placed in water