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SVF300 frequency changer is used in music fountain system

Music fountain system is a music, underwater lights lighting, fountain in one system, which uses advanced and reliable microelectronics technology and advanced professional high response control engineering technology to analyze and deal with the music signal to achieve the sound of the fountain way to synchronize control, color fountain In the computer program control instructions, constantly changing fancy, in the accompaniment of music under the height of the water column with the meter of the music and the ups and downs, swing rotation, mix and match. Combined with the underwater lanterns alternately shine to form a colorful beautiful picture, resulting in sound harmony is refreshing pleasing water dance art effect.

With the frequency of frequency control technology continues to promote the inverter has been widely used in pumps and fan load, music fountain system need to use a large number of pumps to control the fountain circulating water, according to the pump operating characteristics of the pump flow and pump speed Scale adjustment, by adjusting the pump speed can directly control the flow of the pump in the music fountain system need to achieve real-time adjustment of fountain water, frequency control technology is more suitable for use in the music fountain system, in addition to the pump characteristics know, using frequency control technology with A certain energy-saving effect, which is the frequency converter in the music fountain control system to promote the application of the reasons.

The first chapter of the inverter in the music fountain system in the use of background work principle and role

1.1 inverter in the use of music fountain system background

Spray and music to keep pace, which we raised the following three questions:

A how to achieve fountain and music synchronization?

B Can the inverter respond instantaneously?

C Complete set of equipment commissioning and insulation safety?

For this reason, we are required to analyze the feasibility of synchronization control: we use the audio signal of the frequency converter to control the music of the audio signal itself is a very small AC voltage signal, through the rectifier filter regulator can output a The corresponding DC voltage signal, relatively speaking, the signal is very weak, and then through the signal power amplification, you can output 0-5V standard DC voltage signal, which can achieve the audio signal on the inverter control, that is, the pump spray Of the control, in order to achieve the control of the music on the fountain spray.

SVF300 is a low-noise high-performance multi-function inverter, the use of advanced drive control technology - space voltage vector technology, with the load pump to achieve in the shortest time smooth acceleration and deceleration, rapid response to rapid load and timely detection of regeneration Power, to achieve no trip automatically acceleration and deceleration process, the operating frequency of about 1HZ, can output 150% of the high starting torque. Instant response should be no problem.

Site planning to use 11KW of the pump, because the environment is wet, the design of the inverter and the motor connection than the YZ type more corrosion-resistant and higher insulation strength YC4 × 4 rubber cable, soaked in water equipment and cable joints are waterproof Processing, the inverter and control cabinet are reliable to protect the ground, so the design insulation should be no problem.

1.2 How the frequency converter works in the music fountain system

Music fountain works in general can be divided into two ways. The first is to store the music signal in the computer system, and then through the software program to deal with the music signal, and then the music signal output to the music signal processing system, followed by the frequency converter from the music signal processing system to obtain the voltage signal, and according to The size of the voltage signal output different frequency, these different frequency signals in the role of the pump or swing system after the motor, you can adjust the water pump and control the level of water to achieve the water with the music signal changes in the level of change Effect;