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The treatment of waterfront

Today, the quality of landscape water is uneven, and the most important water is to build the shore of the treatment, only the right shoreline to create a pleasant hydrophilic space.

1, water view of the target to deal with shore

The goal of water treatment is to meet the requirements of safety, ornamental and hydrophilic.

Safety mainly refers to the collapse of the shore due to water and water erosion caused by the collapse of the collapse of the bank, resulting in foundation settlement, the collapse of the bank and the phenomenon of horizontal landslide. In order to avoid these problems, in the design to first consider the security.

Water view of the shore should not simply piled up, but should be designed to meet the surrounding environment Art style of the shore, through a variety of techniques and underwater lights lighting to achieve the pleasing landscape effect.

In order to meet the people's hydrophilic, it is necessary to design a fun with water, fishing and other entertainment functions.

2, the choice of ways to deal with shore

Artificial bar general handling approach is divided into regular and natural two.

Rules of the approach is divided into brick bar, stone barge.

Brick barge is widely used in the regular layout of the district and the square within the water area of ​​small water bodies, such as the district's fountain pool, pond and so on.

Stone barge, regular stone barge often regular grain in a neat form of masonry out of the vertical bank, usually graded ladder. It can be between the real scene and the reflection of a visual level, at the same time, this form can minimize the volume of the bank, in order to achieve the purpose of broadening the surface space, ladder stone bar can also provide a more open hydrophilic space The

3, the natural way to deal with the shore approach

Common treatment methods are natural mud bank, pebble bank, block stone bank and combination of bank.

Natural mud is generally referred to as wetlands, often reed, calamus and other water characteristics of the plants to create a rustic soft shoreline.

Cobalt crater is applied to the narrow water body, often inclined to the shore, is made of pebbles.

Block stone can be divided into rock and stone two kinds of stone, usually vertical.