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Water Dancing With Lighting Fountain

Bozhou Nanhu Park to build "water dancing with lighting" message will be a sensation of the city. After more than two months of planning and construction, Nanhu Park above the dream of water dance performances will be shining debut, the last two days to start debugging, the whole circle once again the United States brush. South Lake on the magnificent music fountain Festival is about to open a grand, Bozhou will be empty, South Lake life once again upgrade. Bozhou South Lake Park, the total area of 178,000 square meters of water, water dancing with lighting area of 180 meters long, 40 meters wide, vertical fountain height of 60 meters above the fountain design Bozhou New Area, relying on the overall development of positioning, to water dancing with lighting as the leading media interpretation of the soul , Through a variety of combinations of water combination of water potential of the level of scattered, led fountain lights color change thousands, interpretation of "ancient rhyme Bozhou, prosperous Bozhou, happy Bozhou, soaring Bozhou" and other chapters, combined with music, water dance, full color laser, 3D images, fireworks and other international leading technology and artistic expression, to create the domestic first-class large fountain cross-media real performance.