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Wells with submersible pumps Why not apply to Fountain

Fountain water features in the design of multi-use submersible pumps as a water supply equipment, the power range from 0.75 kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts range.

Currently on the market of existing submersible pumps in the design of the main use in the wells, its design has the following characteristics:

(1) The diameter of the pump is divided into 4 inches according to the diameter of the well; 6 inches; 8 inches; 10 inches; 12 inches and other 5 diameter series. Due to the limitation of the diameter, the efficiency of the submersible motor design, power factor, starting characteristics, consumables, unit stiffness and other technical indicators are not optimized for most power levels. Its performance is low efficiency, low power factor, high-power motor starting characteristics of poor.

(2) submersible pump design is considered vertical use, radial guide bearing graphite (medium and low power), tin bronze, babbitt (high power), Ferobestos engineering plastics (foreign material, is a cresol formaldehyde Resin asbestos laminated plastic) production.

For the low-power submersible motor due to the small rotor length, the rotor working time, static load is small, whether vertical or horizontal installation, the impact of motor life is still small, when the motor power is large, the rotor length increases, , Electromagnetic eccentricity, disturbance and other factors under the combined effect, resulting in a larger radial force, vertical life can also meet the requirements of life, once the horizontal installation, will make the radial bearing bearing working conditions deteriorate, followed by the bearing Wear increased, bearing clearance increases, vibration and electromagnetic eccentricity increase, so that the working conditions of the bearing worse, the unit life significantly reduced. 75KW submersible pump, for example, vertical work, the regular manufacturer's products can be a good continuous working 8000 hours or longer, a considerable part of the horizontal installation of the product life reduced to 2000 hours.

(3) the impact of diving cable on the submersible pump: 2.2kw motor, for example, in the use of wells, the cable with a length of 50 meters within the reasonable choice in the cable cross-sectional area under the premise of the cable caused by the voltage drop Are less than 5%, fountain installation site often appear cable length of more than 100 meters or even hundreds of meters of the length of the situation, according to the well pump selection cable, often small area, resulting in line voltage drop is too large, even more than 10%. When the terminal voltage of the motor line package is too low, it will cause the working current to rise, the motor will heat up and affect the motor life. Some designers are based on experience or submersible pump production plant with standard data selection cable, no accurate voltage drop calculation, prone to excessive voltage drop situation.

(4) submersible pump working condition on the life of the impact: submersible pump is a continuous, non-frequent start of the working state of the design, in the fountain project, due to the needs of water-based performances, often using frequency, valve control and other methods The pump is in the working state of the approximate frequent start, the submersible motor is affected by the big change current. From the motor load point of view, the apparent design margin is insufficient, which is the fountain industry pump life was significantly lower than the wells in the life of the reasons.

(5) submersible pump start characteristics: submersible pump in the design of non-frequent start work system, all the design of the pump on the start speed and no focus on the fountain industry, some water type need to pump Kai, stop quickly. Low start-up speed affects the visual effect of water type. For low-power pump, due to the low inertia of the pump, start and stop speed can also be accepted, the use of high-power pumps, due to unit inertia, start and stop speed is obviously too slow, affecting the water type expressive force.

In summary, the existing submersible pump is designed for the wells water lifting conditions, do not meet the requirements of the fountain industry equipment, manifestations of life is too low, after-sales maintenance, to the fountain company acceptance, follow-up maintenance Added trouble. Product features do not meet the needs of the fountain, the fountain industry in urgent need to design a real "fountain dedicated submersible pump." The existing market products, whether or not known as fountain dedicated pump name, its products, electromagnetic design, structural design and well with ordinary diving There is no difference between the pump, the type of parameters, production standards, inspection standards are still using well pump standard.